We believe what Rachel Zoe said is true when she said: "fashion is a way of telling the world who we are without having to speak." We believe great style will last forever; you can conquer the day in a great outfit and you should always be yourself. We believe in enjoying the moment, in reading your daily horoscope, in dressing well, in quality, in taking selfies, in carrying crystals in your pockets, that black is a color.

We believe in coffee first, in beauty sleep and living a luxurious life. We believe in quality over quantity, style over trends, being yourself over being part of the crowd. We believe that the right shoes make all the difference, we believe in exploring, in dancing in public, to eating right and magic of meditation. We believe you are your best investment. We believe that cheetah print is a neutral, to wear red for confidence and in burning sage.

We believe in sparkle, in fireworks and in getting outside. We believe music can cause us to time travel, we believe that ice cream does count as a meal. We believe in supporting yourself, in radical self-love, in being in love, in enjoying moments alone, in the therapy of shopping. We believe that you can make a statement and not be loud.  We believe in wearing lingerie for yourself, in driving fast, in giving back and cuddling with animals. 

Seize the day, trust your instincts, ignore the haters, drink green juice, do your squats and wear red lipstick. We believe in the magic of fashion, in creating your own identity, in burning candles and in the pursuit of happiness