About Vivian Vette

Understanding our vibe

At Vivian Vette we’re not huge on trends, we have a golden rule of choosing quality over quantity and dressing to express ourselves. We live enriched lives that are bursting with charm, color, and magic. We created stylish silhouettes with an iconic appeal to craft the perfect statement pieces that will last for years and years. Made from genuine Italian lamb leather, our stunning handbags are handcrafted with the finest quality in Downtown Los Angeles. Traditional handbags get marked up, sometimes to even twelve times the original amount, here we’re not into that, we sell only online, straight to you.
Every woman has her own unique kind of magic, and at Vivian Vette, we believe that blending the playful sophistication with timeless style is the perfect recipe for fashion. To us, fashion is the ultimate form of expression, and the desire to express oneself without inhibitions or limitations. Which is why we’re committed to bringing direct-to-consumer luxury handbags without the markup. Welcome to accessible luxury and amazing quality.

Turning Dreams into Fashion & Couture

As a little girl who grew up surrounded by the nostalgic love of America, I fell head over heels for the times gone by, and all the classic vintage trends they left behind. Fashion was always my best medium for expressing my passions as it not only fueled my dreams and ambitions but also paved the way for my success. I realized that I wanted to design clothes for women who actively and passionately sought playful sophistication, followed their dreams and kicked ass!

After high school, I attended FIT, and later went on to continue my education in fashion at FIDM. Throughout my years of dreaming, learning, and designing, the bold sensuality and timeless beauty of the pin-up culture always remained at the heart of my inspirations. Truth be told, I adore every aspect about fashions during the 1950s and the 1970s, there's something to be said for the glamor from those periods. I seek to create designs that are inspired by timeless styles rather than fleeting trends.

I always harbored the dream of manufacturing my goods in a factory in the US, so my exclusively curated designs would read ‘Made in America’. These three worlds always seemed like a magic spell, and I was immensely lucky to find the perfect team in downtown Los Angeles.
To most, a team consisting of ten workers may not seem much, but it was just the perfect arrangement I sought to create designs that redefined the standards of quality, broke away from fleeting runway trends and focused directly on consumer style. 
I want to create designs that remind us of the magic inside us and that we must dress up for the life that we wish to lead! 

Babe with the Power

I believe in finding happiness, looking good and adding some sparkle to our lives.

Things I Love: Candles, winged eyeliner, good coffee, crystals in my pockets, reading a daily horoscope, fortune cookies and red lipstick

My Personal Style: I'm always a fan of the white t-shirt, salvage denim, and vans. Or on the flip side; witchy retro-inspired fashion, circle skirts, glitter, heels and a good curl.

Things I Can't Live Without: Gel pens, liquid eyeliner, ballet flats, cute panties, big t-shirts and cuddle time with my dog.

Places I Want to See: Hawaii, Greece, France, Australia, Portland, Morocco.

Favorite Quotes to Live by:

"Be Yourself, Everyone else is taken."-Oscar Wilde
"Why fit in when you were born to stand out."-Dr. Seus
"When in Doubt, Wear Red."-Bill Bass