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Quality over quantity. We design key handbags that are essential for the modern woman. Each design is crafted for that purpose with the finest materials and premium craftsmanship. We are striving to put a elegance back in our lives with designs that are crafted to become iconic pieces.

Luxury Redefined

Vivian Vette focuses on quality over quantity, in craftsmanship and a curated selection of designs to fit your needs. We are inspired by modern style, the need to live your own life and that magic that comes from being yourself and expressing it through the art of fashion.

Our Factory

I grew up with the nostalgia of America, it made me fall in love with the more classic times. When it came to selecting a factory to have my goods produced I knew in my heart I wanted to have my designs read Made in America, there's just something magical about hearing that. Luckily for me I found a great team just outside of downtown Los Angeles that is just a quick jaunt down the ten. Comprised of maybe ten workers they really put they're all into creating a great product.

How it Began

Fashion has always been my dream, my drive, my motivation. When I realized I could actually design clothes for a living it was like a light bulb went on. After highschool I enrolled in FIT and then continued my education through FIDM. I've always been in awe of the pin-up culture which then sparked my love for all things 1950's and Mid Century.

Each design is reflective of great style, not a trend that is just going to fad away.  I draw inspiration from everything; classic american muscle cars that my parents drove, lovingly rebuilt and shared with my sister and I, movies, artwork and sometimes just a certain feeling you come across. Many of my fondest memories are linked to the great hot rod movie classics, car shows and 1950's music.

Besides designing the original luxury handbags I am editing my novel, trying to practice yoga, lighting lots of candles and looking for magic everywhere.

I believe in finding happiness, looking good and adding some sparkle to our lives.


Babe with the Power

I believe in finding happiness, looking good and adding some sparkle to our lives.

Things I Love: Candles, winged eyeliner, good coffee, crystals in my pockets, reading a daily horoscope, fortune cookies and red lipstick

My Personal Style: I'm always a fan of the white t-shirt, salvage denim and vans. Or on the flip side; witchy retro inspired fashion, circle skirts, glitter, heels and a good curl.

Things I Can't Live Without: Gel pens, liquid eyeliner, ballet flats, cute panties, big t-shirts and cuddle time with my dog.

Places I Want to See: Hawaii, Greece, France, Australia, Portland, Morocco.

Favorite Quotes to Live by:

"Be Yourself, Everyone else is taken."-Oscar Wilde
"Why fit in when you were born to stand out."-Dr. Seus
"When in Doubt, Wear Red."-Bill Bass