Product Care


Each Vivian Vette handbag is created with buttery soft Italian Leather shells and lined with a holographic pig hide. Even though both these materials are strong they will blemish and patina with normal wear and usage.

To clean your handbag wipe off any residual dirt and dust, then using a leather cleaner apply to a soft, clean cloth and buff out any dirt using round circular motions. Wipe off any residual cleaner and let dry for 30 minutes. 

We do not suggest cleaners to used on ink, oil or grease stains. 

If your Vivian Vette handbag gets wet, do not rub but blot off the moisture with a clean soft cloth. 

Store your handbag in it's protective dustbag


Each Vivian Vette handbag is created with premium craftsmanship and will uniquely patina with continuous use. Handles and bottoms are reinforced for normal wear but do not account for overloading your handbags.