Week of November 11th Stylescope

The week starts off with a focus between what’s yours and what’s someone else's. You are looking for clearer boundaries about what you share with someone and what is just your own whether that be with business or work colleagues, relationships, or family members. Stylewise this may mean putting on an actual barrier of some kind to put some distance between you and everyone else. This may mean a leather jacket, dressing in darker colors, maybe it's dressing in a bright color, like a giant warning sign.


At the same time, an internal evolution is taking place related to how you process emotion and express your inner drives and desires. This energy is going to find a way to come out so take care to de-stress and relax a little! Think cozy clothing, things that you lay back and relax in. There is a lot of pressure floating around and a little TLC can go a long way at this time. 

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