Top 13 Crystals To Have

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We've put together our top 13 must have crystals and why. The best part? These are all available online or in our collective, Allright. 

  1. Selenite soaps,

    Clear out energy blocks fast, cleanse your other crystal friends and boost your energetic field with these soaps. Perfect for keeping in one's pocket or purse or bra. 

  2.  Amethyst, Keep the psychic vampires at bay.

  3.  Carnelian, Hello baby! Feel that energy and confidence to create the life you envision. 

  4.  Rose Quartz, All we need is love. Help restore confidence and balance your emotions. 

  5.  Citrine, Carry some of this in your wallet, toss it in your cash register or place it in your business to draw in abundance. 

  6.  Clear Quartz, Need to amplify a situation or your other stones? Add some clear quartz to the mix to up the ante. 

  7.  Sunstone, Banish that inner doubt and feel the rays of the sun against your soul. This stone is great for cord cutting and to fill you up with creativity, inspiration and feel good vibes. 

  8.  Hematoid Quartz, Grounding energy, turn negative energy into positive and aid in the clarity of thought. 

  9.  Red Jasper, Get the job done. Carry this stone for a boost to your energy field and root chakra. Balance out your emotions, expressions, Land just actions. 

  10. Fluorite, Want to get crystal clear on an issue? Pun intended. This stone will help with putting things in order and cleanse you of any negative emotions and energy. 
  11.  Green Adventurine, This is the stone of optimism and good luck.  Carry this to help yourself move forward with confidence and ease. 

  12. Labradorite, Feeling a little off? This is the aura mender and will give you that little extra boost of magic you were craving. 

  13. Tiger's Eye, Give your mind a dose of mental clarity allow yourself to see both sides without judgment. The stone of personal power and motivation. 

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