Things to Do This Fall

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Fall is officially here in Los Angeles, the mornings are layered in Bay Area fog and I've finally dug out my leather jacket, an extra blanket has been added to my bed and I invested in some Minnetonka slippers. The thing I love about seasons is that it reminds us to change it up, much like the monthly moon cycle. 

This month I'm all about streamlining, anything I can put on autopay or a subscription service I've done it. A very personal "set it and forget it." This has left me with so much more time to get down and creative, to be working on new samples for the Sagrado Amor collection and to plan holiday camping escapes from the city.

When I heard that a friend I met in Morocco was going to be in town I immediately had her come over and feng shui the studio. We broke down what I wanted to grow and bring into my life and made a plan, hey any excuse to add more plants to the apartment is okay by me. This also prompted a massive decluttering on my part. I had already tackled my closet at the start of Venus retrograde but had finally decided to take on the rest of the apartment now that I had instructions to move things around. 

When Venus retrograde hit it also brought almost a sense of an identity crisis, I would get dressed in the morning and just not feel like me. Something that I just couldn't have since one, I own a fashion company and two, I was writing a book on dressing authentically. So queue the world wind closet overhaul. I dug out things that were beat up, things I had never worn, old boyfriend hoodies, jeans I hated and jewelry that I have no idea how I came to own. Cleaning out my closet helped me see what I truly wanted to wear and gave inspiration to what I should get more of. Hello shoooopping. 

With all the holidays coming and knowing that I'll be barricading myself in to be creative, I really wanted to use the beginning of fall to really set myself up with the best foundation to plant all my seeds of creativity. For me, this meant lots of cleaning, pruning and creating a blueprint of the coming days. 

Here's my ultimate top thirteen must do's for this fall. 

1. Declutter and reevaluate your space

2. Feng shui the house, or at least move things around

3. Buy a plant

4. Get a full body massage and feel good

5. Go apple picking

6. Make a fall playlist

7. Plan an adventure

8. Go horseback riding

9. Hit the hot springs

10. Try something new

11. Find false eyelashes you LOOOOOOVE

12. Get a rug for under your bed

13. Treat yourself to a piece of clothing that truly represents you


Stay cozy, all the love


Vivian Vette


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