The Mystical Essentials


When getting into the Vortex of magical creativity every gal has a few needs that are their must-have list. Creating an Altar is a great way to add a central focal point to your creativity and manifesting. It gives you something to focus on and reminds you to stay on point. Inside my studio is a vintage mock fireplace, it was probably real and in working order at one time but now not so much. But it does create the most ideal space to house an altar. 

Candles are a huge huge must for me, the flickering lights alone remind me of magic. I found white candles that drip rainbow wax as they burn and to me that was just done and done. Yeeeas, please.

Crystals. Never meeting a crystal I don't love and need to have I have them scattered everywhere in my life, in my car, my studio, my leather jacket pockets, next to my bed, on my altar, in my sewing machine and that's not even including my crystal jewelry, but that's another post. My big time go to is rose quartz and sitting on the fireplace mantel is a giant chunk of it. Selenite to cleanse the space, flourite for focus and calcite for warm creativity with a pinch of inspiration.

Just above my altar is my neon Vivian Vette side, the ultimate symbol of manifestation and a reminder to follow my dreams. When turned on it bathes the studio in a dreamy purple glow. 

Other random tidbits are sage, fortune cookie slips, my magic and inspirational images. Little reminders of what I want to bring into my world. 

Remember to change up and refresh your altar and to make sure it's only reflecting what you truly want in life. Put your energy when your thoughts are and your reality will follow.


Sparkle, shine, and love,

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