My Top Seven Summer Essentials

Summer is so officially upon us in Los Angeles, though, really, does it ever leave? But the added ten degrees of heat has me really thinking what I consider must-haves for life.

  • Sunscreen, I can not say this enough. Sitting in the car? Hiking Griffin Park? Strolling Venice Canals? Rose Bowl? SUNSCREEN! I love SuperGoop's setting sunscreen for the face and SunBum for my body. Bonus for getting to smell like b-a-n-a-n-a-s.
  • A refillable water bottle. Yes, I know this is so LA. BUT after starting to carry one with me, I noticed I've been drinking a lot of water and feel so much better. 
  • A blanket to keep in the carry for impromptu picnics, lake layouts, and book reading.
  • An instant summer look, craft a look you can easily throw on and go to picnics, a day at Disney and beat the heat in. My personal favorites are a white tied tee shirt with high waisted shorts or a maxi dress with vintage mules.
  • Glitter. I've just been using it everywhere, my roots, cheeks, and body. Nothing says layout by the pool like a little sparkle. 
  • Mystic Monday Tarot deck, I have grown quite fond of this desk and its amazing artwork and holographic sides. It gives the best readings and is more dependable than a shakeable magic eight ball. 
  • A plan, I've been listening to You are a badass, again on audible when I'm driving around the hot streets of Los Angeles and it's really got me thinking about how many of us are caught in a routine and are just coasting. It made me draft up a vision board and set the wheels in motion to see results.

What are your top seven essential? Grab them, photograph them and tell me on the Gram @VivianVette.

All the love,


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