StyleScope for the Week of Oct. 7th to the 13th

 Every week we join forces with Mystica Astrology to determine how to weave our daily wardrobe with what the stars have in mind. 

This will be a week full of surprises! Interactions with the people in our lives will take on a tone of unpredictability and a bit of quirkiness. This might mean finding a sort of uniform that you feel uber confident in and can tweak with a jacket at a moment's notice.

There is a need to balance between that ordered part of self and our wild aspect within. How do we incorporate our wild or childhood visions and dreams into our wardrobes? When you have no limits on your visions what do you see yourself doing, living or creating a living at? How can you weave that feeling into your daily outfit this week to attract people you want in your life?  At the same time, we may find ourselves lost in daydreams and fantasy allowing a somewhat artistic vision to color our perspective.

We end the week with a fiery Full Moon in Aries, so be ready to be bold, assured and ready to take on what's next. Think of your favorite Aries, what are characteristics that they embody? They are enterprising, spontaneous, daring, active, courageous and energetic, so get ready to be on a high energy full moon, did someone say track pants and something we can run around in?

 During this time we are more likely to express our honest feelings with a sense of heightened emotion and theatrics so layer on a piece of clothing that makes you feel comforted. 


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