Stylescope for the week of Oct. 21st

This is a week full of transition and change. The Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio mid-week moving our perspective from our outer life circumstances to within. Invite this energy of transformation into your life at this time. Which, makes it an excellent time to clean out our closets and get our apartments in order for the coming winter.

Maybe it's time to pack away our more summery clothing allowing more air and space inside our wardrobes. Donate things that we bought over the summer but then decided to never wear. Take a look at our winter looks, is it still aligned with the image that you want to be strolling around in?

We are more malleable and willing to accept the gift of personal evolution, so take a moment to decide if you need to layer onto your vision, do you need a leather jacket to feel more badass? Or maybe some knit turtlenecks to up that artsy vibe? Maybe you need cozy clothing that's just perfect for quiet nights at home, add in some meditation and journaling to your morning routine to really hone in on your life goals and your overall message. Our approach to life is to understand the deeper truth and hidden meaning. Listen to moments of silence for greater illumination.

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