Stylescope for the week of Oct 14th to the 20th

Did everyone else feel the full moon this weekend and decide to turn down a different path?  This week is all about evolution. How are you wanting to change and grow in this life? It is time to release the old and clear out stagnant energy! What is holding us back? An easy wat to find out is to head to your closet, even though the full moon was last night we can still harness its energy and do a clear out this week to begin shifting our lives down a newer path.

Decide who you want to be and create yourself around that. Release what is no longer serving you and throw it the fuck out. Do this spiritually and physically. I won’t go deeply into the Feng Shui aspect of cleaning your whole home. But first lets start with you, your mind, and your body. And yes it is a temple so be sure to decorate it like one. 

Does your wardrobe reflect the life you want to live? Think about it, meditate on it, journal on it and come up with a conclusion. Now take every little piece out of your closet. Get rid of anything that doesn't fit the picture in your mind, get rid of things you're holding onto that you don't truly like but your great aunt Myrtle got it for you, get rid of things that are worn out, broken and faded. You deserve better than that and ratty clothing is just going to bring your vibe down.

The patterns of life have an opportunity to shift and be made anew. Sage any clothing that may have strong memories attached to them, were you wearing a certain sweatshirt when you broke up with your boyfriend? Those feelings linger. I love to keep a chunk on selenite in my closet, selenite is a powerful cleansing crystal and absorbs negative energy. You can also get a smaller size log or a selenite plate to charge up your jewelry.  Test the waters by trying out a new style or outfit idea. You may have a deep conversation with a partner or make a bold move at work. Whatever you choose to do, do it with a feeling of empowerment and confidence! 


Vivian Vette


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