StyleScope for the week of Nov. 25th

This week will have an overtone of harmony and cooperation. With the New Moon happening early in the week we are all more open to change and shifts in energy. There is a feeling of a push-pull effect between a desire to be unconventional and a desire to be traditional in our self-expression.

Take a look inside your closets and take out the pieces that may have belonged to an older version of yourself that are now holding you back, ex lover's sweatshirts? Jeans that no longer fit? Dresses that make you feel uncomfortable? Think about the role tradition has played in your life. What do you want to leave in the past and what do you want to carry with you into the future? Sage these items, thank them and then release them to Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads, you get the idea.

Really take a moment this week to dress each day with intention, use your outfits to tell a story about how you want to be addressed from the world. Notice how the current energy is moving you from one mindset to the next and opening new pathways of intention. Overall, we are driven, on-point, and highly focused this week!

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