Stylescope for Oct 28th

This week starts off following the New Moon in Scorpio, breathing deep emotional energy into our everyday experiences. New Moons, in general, are a great time to introduce new styling options into your wardrobe and it may be comforting to layer on the black, purple, emerald, or cranberry during this Scorpio New Moon.

There is a dreamy quality to self-expression at this time, which really flows into the other characteristics of a Scorpio; think mysterious, power and loads of confidence. Getting lost in fantasy and glamour is extremely likely, so really tune into what turns up your glamorous knob, maybe its tons of lace, velvet leggings or leather boots. Really channel a look that makes you feel fearless and bold.

A desire to build deeper connections wells up with intense power. An artistic, visually stunning, and deeply moving energy brings out the most interesting sides of your unconscious self and psyche.

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