Striving or Surviving?

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As day seven of my "Stay At Home" progressed, I thought back over the week. Monday was fantastic, I had accomplished so much and then Wednesday I had slumped. Since everything that we come up against is a different mirror, a different lesson. I sat this morning drinking my coffee in my vintage papasan chair wondering, what is the lesson to be learned here?

A to-do list or a calendar is a must for me, so when I go 110% freelance my time is still structured. I need an excuse to leave the house, besides for errands. The stir-crazy had been getting to me. And I need something to entertain me besides Netflix.

So if the walls are starting to close in on you too, follow the tricks I've come up and see how they dramatically change week two of Quarantine for you.


  • Walk your house with sage of LIQUID SUNSHINE spray, make your bed
  • Get dressed in real clothing, seven days of sweatpants is doing no one favors
  • Make a daily list of things you want to accomplish, even if its something like be creative for twenty minutes
  • Remember to get up and take walks, stretch, check out what else is in your neighborhood
  • Shop small businesses online, many are still delivering and hanging on through all of this
  • Try new hair and makeup ideas, just for the fun of it
  • Make sure you pick up at the end of the day, don't be living in a nest of projects
  • Open the windows a little, fresh air baby
  • Tune into peoples IG Lives, I've seen yoga, pilates, stretching class, EFT Tapping, Sound Bowl Meditations, Sewing Live, people just hanging out and communicating!
  • Call your friends and family, like on the phone! 


Tell me, what are you doing every day to brighten your day?



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