Sacred Fashion

We all know the power of manifestation and know we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. But what if we can add in another layer? What if you can accomplish our goals using the clothing hanging in our closets? Wouldn’t that be grand? 

I look at clothing as one of two things, a uniform to accomplish what we want, it’s said that we only have so many decisions we can make in a day, so why waste one on deciding what to wear? I know I’ve spent moments trying on outfit after outfit in front of my mirror. There’s a reason people like Steve Jobs wear the same exact look every day because it’s easy, it’s consistent and one less thing to make a decision about. 

The other one is to show the world exactly who I am without having to say a word. It’s a way to instantly find my people, to draw in what I want and to accomplish my goals. Dressing to your heart's desire is a way of setting an intention to the universe to send you what you need and want. 

 Well, now we can make our closets do both of these things for us. 

It’s all about creating the person you want to be, don’t settle for anything less than the best version of yourself. Bruno Mars says “I make it a point. I’m showing up to the studio, we’re working, but I’m not showing up in sweats. Because if I do, you’re going to get what sweats sound like.”

Tomorrow get dressed with intention, create a morning practice to get yourself in the mood to conquer your life, get dressed, do your hair and put on your look and see what the day brings. 


Love and good style,


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