Ring in 2018

I'm a firm believer that how we spend New Year's Eve is the tone on how the year will come in. I spent last year at alone at a burlesque show, dressed to the nines in a hot pink cape dress by Trina Turk and my favorite red Gucci heels. I sipped champagne, danced the night away and even kissed a stranger as the new year rang in. The year then preceded in my adventures, trips, and so much excitement. I feel like this past year I reclaimed myself and realized who I truly want to be. 

This year I plan to do the complete opposite. I have no urge to spend it on the town, instead, I want to set the intention for my dreams coming true. Choosing the path for my life and my business. 

Words are Wands

As we gathered around a carved candle in a grass bungalow along the ocean of Tulum this summer we learned that words have true meaning, that they're wands and create what we want. We declared words for ourselves and channeled that as a mantra for ourselves. 

So go ahead and pick a word for the year, for January. Decided what your soul needs most and give it that. 

She designed a life she loved

Create a vision board on what you want for the year as a consent reminder for how you want to feel. Remember it's not all about getting that house and the car you want. But how you'll feel in that new house. I know when I find my new apartment I'll feel rested, peaceful and creative. As I curate the wardrobe I want, I'll feel put together, polished, confident, ready to take on anything. 

Take a bath

Create a potion that you can sink into and channel what you want. Pick a bath bomb that gives you the colors and scents that truly speak to you. Want to feel alive? Go with something with zest. Want to draw in love? Rose would be a great choice. Swirl in some glitter and stardust. Drop in seven full bay leaves for prosperity. Put charged crystals in, bringing in what you want. Success, love, abundance? Just remember to check that they're water safe first. Now pop some champagne and soak in your future. Epsom salt to relax and rejuvenate. 

Shui It

What a better idea than to clear out your space on the last day of the year? Throw out the trash, wash the floors, donate the books you aren't ever going to read. Lay a feng shui map over your space and rearrange. Let the tone for the coming year. Tackle your clothing, light some sage and hang that vision board in a great spot so you can always see it. 

 Let us know what you have planned, tag #vivianvettenewyears on the Gram!

Much Love,

Vivian Vette


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