Oh Hello Mercury

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The time of year has come again where even people who don't believe in astrology begin to freak out and utter the excuse, "sorry Mercury is in Retrograde." By now I'm sure you know that its that moment when the planet looks as if it's spinning backward through space and wrecks havoc on our travel, communications, electronics and well, anything else we can think to blame it for. So the steps for dealing with this cosmic cleanse is simple, back up your laptop and phone BEFORE the 16th of November, do not sign any legal documents, at least not without consulting a lawyer first, no big purchases and always assume your travel may go awry. The devil in the details of Mercury Retrograde is that new information always comes to light during this period that can see you redoing work. 

The upside to the retrograde is, it gives you a chance to purchase new candles, set intentions and cleanse the hell out of your life. If you're in Los Angeles maybe of our local stores sell Mercury Retrograde candles, personally I'm a fan of Magick Moods candle, I purchased one of their's last retrograde season and had the best results with it. They are sold in limited runs. So keep that in mind. The candles also come with instructions and a simple writing prompt to steer you through the retrograde. 

Any excuse to purchase crystals is fine by me, pick up some blue lace agate, flourite, emerald or amazonite to aid in communication, organization and good decision making. I personally am a huge fan of those stretchy beaded bracelets that remind me of those Power Bead bracelets we all had as children. These are smaller though, meaning you can load up on even more. 

An easy prescription for battling the retrograde is to get your birth chart read and see where Mercury is during the retrograde so you can know what to expect. If it shows up in the inner or personal planets in your chart then you know what that's where it will affect you most during the season. Retrograde runs November 16th in Sagittarius and ends December 6th in Scorpio.

This is also a great opportunity to reflect on our closets and see if we're truly putting the face that we want out there into the world. Take a step back and see if your day to day outfits are lifting you up towards something, keeping you stagnant or holding you back. They always told us to dress for the job that we want, not the job that we have so I don't see how it's any different for our lives. Now I'm not saying to go grocery shopping in a ballgown if you've always dreamed of being a princess, sorry, easiest example I would think of. But if you've alllllways dreamed of hiking the Grand Canyon and you don't even own hiking boots, now may be the time to go to REI and invest in some. Take a hiking alone for women class there, or joining the Woman Who Hike group on Facebook. 

Use this retrograde to recenter you, to let go of what is holding you back and as a reason to get clear on what exactly you want. 

when in doubt, smudge it out


Vivian Vette

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