New Moon In Aries

Aries Ceremony Intentions New Moon


This new moon in Aries is the ideal time to dive deep on a self guided journey and discover what we truly want to accomplish. This part of the moon cycle is a symbol for "coming home" to ourselves, to explore what we hold important to us and to expand the boundary of our reality and create shifts.

We set intentions on the New Moon because it is the first phase of lunar cycle and has always been associated with planting, creation and nourishing, making it the ideal time to set in motion our goals. Use the Aries Fire energy to get out of our heads and into a course of action. Aries energy is all about personal power and stepping into the confidence that will better serve ourselves and the bigger picture. 

Some ideas to celebrate the new moon;

Take a salt bath, epsom salt is fantastic at adding an extra dose of clearing to your bath.


Create a Mantra, like: "I Got This"

Take a virtual yoga class

Light a candle

Burn Sage

Dance it out, how about a New Moon Playlist?

Work with Aries Energy crystals; Carnelian, Citrine, Bloodstone, Iron Pyrite, Red Jasper

Create a vison board


Write an intention list and place it on your altar under some Iron Pyrite

Spread gratitude

Whatever you do to celebrate the new moon, move with intention and love.



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