What to do when Mercury Retrograde comes around

Astrology Magic Mercury Retrograde

It's that time of year again. The time when Mercury looks like its spinning backward through space and we hear horror stories of traffic, lack of communications and electronic breakdowns. 

While backing up your laptop and phone to the cloud, and remembering to load a podcast for the battle of LA traffic is always a good idea. I've got a few other tips and tricks to survive the next couple weeks. 

Use this retrograde to make empowering choices and to boost your creativity in all areas of your life. Retrogrades are a great resource from the universe to know when to push forward and when you should take a rest and step back. Just focus on the overall picture and don't get too caught up in the tiny details, you can always make changes later on.

Let's rewire your idea of what Mercury retrograde should look like. If you find yourself anxious about what each day is going to bring your or your agonizing over making big decisions or plans, take a deep breath and let it go. Think positive. 

Your creative power and self-confidence will rise when you let go of the need for everything you touch to be a hundred and ten percent perfect. Realize that your effort is good enough. 

When you start to doubt yourself, think positive. During the retrograde, old thought patterns and people from your past may come up. Don't get distracted by what could go wrong, Focus on doing things that make you feel upbeat and happy.

Be flexible. Change is inevitable and you can not completely put your life on hold for three weeks while the planet spins backward. Instead focus on the end goal, the bigger picture, not the journey of how to get there,

Use this time to give and receive criticism carefully. Communication can be a little lost in translation during retrograde so use this an excessive to spot negative energy and who you should be taking advice from. If you have to sign contracts make sure you thoroughly read them and maybe even get a second opinion if you're not sure. Patience is king during retrograde. 

Mercury rules travel so hitting the road could help clear your head. Even a day off from work might help rejuvenate your creativity. Our mind is affected by the places we go, hence why many fashion designers travel to the corners of the globe to get inspiration. Redecorate your home, take a drive, go to a museum, feed your mind, heart, and soul some new visions. 

Remember to take care of your health and take a deep breath before moving forward. Retrograde is a great reminder to reflect and then act. Use these next three weeks to your benefit and conquer your big picture.


Vivian Vette

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