Just a tea bar and some singing bowls

So tonight was the new moon in Scorpio was tonight and the new Collective I am part of; The Allright Collective puts on a monthly New moon Market. They are on 1288 S La Brea Ave. Tonight we had a sound bath meditation, a guided new moon circle with an intention setting, and some tea. They curated a market with like-minded vendors, a tea bar from @indacreations, and brought in different sound healers @runjessyrun of @localhighsociety to play crystal singing bowls and @santamonicahealing to play an assortment of gongs an amazing drum that when play sounded as if it was pouring buckets in the room.  If you haven't done a sound bath, I fully support you trying one out. They are unlike any other form of meditation I have done before. Because yes when you meditate, you sit with your thoughts and come out sometimes with clarification and lots of ideas. But when you do a sound bath, and they play the crystal bowls, you get a cleansing to your brain. The easiest way I can describe it is that someone takes a pipe cleaner and cleanse up your mind. The different bowls tune your chakras back to where they are supposed to be. With such extreme lives we're living, on our phones all day and taking in everything on social media, and we are forever thinking about we want to do and how we want to do it. And oh yea there's the traffic and work, and what are we going to feed ourselves for dinner. And I feel like after a while that wears on us and going to these meditations helps me get back in touch with myself and realign myself to the point where sometimes I even fall asleep during the meditation. Then, of course, it's me that ends up waking myself up by snoring, much like the other night. If you're in LA, there are a bunch of different locations that offer sound baths.  One of my favorite spots to go to is We are Sacred Light in Los Feliz. She offers ones in her home and her retail space that co-inside with the lunar cycle. Yogala in Echo Park I believe is every second Friday of the month. I hope everyone took the time with the new moon to set their intentions to put forth what you want to accomplish, the new moon in Scorpio is excellent for really cutting out what you don't wish to and raising ourselves to a higher vibration.

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