How this came to be

Feng Shui Magic


I have always had a flair for the creativity and was always much happier after I had spent hours at a sewing machine. Many of my high school memories if trying to run a sewing machine as quietly as possible at two in the morning above my mother's bedroom. Easy to say I didn't really get away with it.

Vivian Vette was born from a night spent under the stars drag racing my dad's old 73 Corvette down the track with him. The name came whispering into my ear and I couldn't get it out of my head. There was the name of this powerhouse modern woman I had been crafting in my mind. 

As I traveled the world last year and really got down and dirty of the idea of radical self-love. I came to terms that that is what fashion is, how we dress is a reflection of how we feel inside and about ourselves. It's the message we want to share with the world and the universe to attract what we want, whether it's new girlfriends to hit the coffee shop with, a dress to attract a new lover, a shirt that tells people not to bother us, or to hug us or that we survived the class of eighty-nine. And so I began weaving this idea into my designs and my life.

I started setting routines in place to get the most out of the day, mornings were for meditation and centering myself, trusting my intuition. Living life and my creativity to its full potential. Because after all, we're all just looking for someone as weird as we are. And we might as well just be the best possible versions of ourselves as we launch ourselves out into the world. 


Love and creative lust,

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