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But first, coffee.


Recently I moved to a new apartment, after years and years of living in Los Angeles and making everything fit and grow within various studio apartments I made the leap to a one bedroom and to a drive over the hill into Studio City. With the change came new surroundings and a little bit longer of a trip to my day job. So as I set up my mornings, it gave me pause. If I was continually leaping out of bed, slathering on makeup, curling my hair and leaving what did it say about my day? I had no one to blame that if I got home, I was exhausted and then didn't feel like being creative. 

So as I lay in bed one night, I set my alarm to five am. I used to wake this early years ago but had fallen out of the habit. I found a hot yoga practice within five minutes to the house; thinking that after time if my body felt better I could feel better throughout the day and therefore be more creative in the long run. Instead of just hitting the pillows as soon as I got home. After all, what's the point of living if you're not truly living your life. 

I continued to make a list of must haves I needed to feel creative, happy and charged. Comfy sheets? Check. Automated coffee pot? Check. Cute yoga clothes? Check. 

Right now I can not wrap my head around a meditation practice, so instead of beating myself up over it. I'm finding another routine. Wake up to a cup of coffee, head to an hour of yoga; then I walk the dog. My new neighborhood is brimming with the cutest bungalows, and palm tree'd yards. So an extended walk is no hard feat, and most of the time I use it to listen to my favorite podcasts and drink my green juice.  Then I take an hour to work on my business, I was listening to The Champagne Diet the other day, and it hit me if I only had one hour to be productive a day, how would I spend it? Would I waste time scrolling? Or would I write that blog post? Send that email? Or take photos for my Instagram? Point taken Cara, thank you. 

So tell me, how do you spend your morning? 



Alice Wylde