Clean It Up

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Have you noticed our bags become a catch-all? The bigger the purse, the more stuff inside it. My tote bag seems to hold onto everything, my wallet, all four sets of keys, makeup, about ten lipsticks, snacks, and the list goes on. There even may be a small family living in there.

Practicing feng shui in fashion form is an excellent practice to get into. Clean out your bag, throw out the weird little bits of trash just hanging out in there. Wipe it down and give it a spritz of some sage or throw a selenite crystal inside it. When we clean and show respect to our handbags, then the universe will show up. I  love tucking crystal soaps into the pockets to add in some abundance, creativity, and confidence.

Don't put your bag on the floor; keep it cleaned and organized. Make a ritual of unpacking your bag at night and getting it ready for the following day instead of just tossing in more of life and pray the straps will hold.

Life is all about energy and if you are always living amongst a mountain of clutter, carrying a bag stuffed to the brim with odds than the universe will deliver it back to you. Tidy up your wallet, remove all the extra receipts and take out your credit cards. Same as when we clean out our closets, if your wallet or purse is torn, or beat up or worn out give yourself permission for an upgrade.

Want to get really get serious on manifesting more abundance into your bank account? Color code your handbag or wallet.  Red is the color of life and is the color for success, while black is all about prestige and power moves. Want a lighter note? A pink wallet means having fun with your money. Or go for the gold. Gold signifies the best, the sun and winning. 



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