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Sacred Fashion

We all know the power of manifestation and know we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. But what if we can add in another layer? What if you can accomplish our goals using the clothing hanging in our closets? Wouldn’t that be grand?  I look at clothing as one of two things, a uniform to accomplish what we want, it’s said that we only have so many decisions we can make in a day, so why waste one on deciding what to wear? I know I’ve spent moments trying on outfit after outfit in front of my mirror. There’s a reason people like Steve Jobs wear the same exact look every day because it’s easy, it’s consistent and...

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The Mystical Essentials

  When getting into the Vortex of magical creativity every gal has a few needs that are their must-have list. Creating an Altar is a great way to add a central focal point to your creativity and manifesting. It gives you something to focus on and reminds you to stay on point. Inside my studio is a vintage mock fireplace, it was probably real and in working order at one time but now not so much. But it does create the most ideal space to house an altar.  Candles are a huge huge must for me, the flickering lights alone remind me of magic. I found white candles that drip rainbow wax as they burn and to me that was...

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How this came to be

Vivian Vette was born from a night spent under the stars drag racing my dad's old 73 Corvette down the track with him. The name came whispering into my ear and I couldn't get it out of my head.

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My Top Seven Summer Essentials

Summer is so officially upon us in Los Angeles, though, really, does it ever leave? But the added ten degrees of heat has me really thinking what I consider must-haves for life. Sunscreen, I can not say this enough. Sitting in the car? Hiking Griffin Park? Strolling Venice Canals? Rose Bowl? SUNSCREEN! I love SuperGoop's setting sunscreen for the face and SunBum for my body. Bonus for getting to smell like b-a-n-a-n-a-s. A refillable water bottle. Yes, I know this is so LA. BUT after starting to carry one with me, I noticed I've been drinking a lot of water and feel so much better.  A blanket to keep in the carry for impromptu picnics, lake layouts, and book reading. An...

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