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Vivian Vette

I have always had a flair for the creativity and was always much happier after I had spent hours at a sewing machine. Many of my high school memories if trying to run a sewing machine as quietly as possible at two in the morning above my mother's bedroom. Easy to say I didn't really get away with it. Vivian Vette was born from a night spent under the stars drag racing my dad's old 73 Corvette down the track with him. The name came whispering into my ear and I couldn't get it out of my head. There was the name of this powerhouse modern woman I had been crafting in my mind.  As I traveled the world last year...

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My Top Seven Summer Essentials

Summer is so officially upon us in Los Angeles, though, really, does it ever leave? But the added ten degrees of heat has me really thinking what I consider must-haves for life. Sunscreen, I can not say this enough. Sitting in the car? Hiking Griffin Park? Strolling Venice Canals? Rose Bowl? SUNSCREEN! I love SuperGoop's setting sunscreen for the face and SunBum for my body. Bonus for getting to smell like b-a-n-a-n-a-s. A refillable water bottle. Yes, I know this is so LA. BUT after starting to carry one with me, I noticed I've been drinking a lot of water and feel so much better.  A blanket to keep in the carry for impromptu picnics, lake layouts, and book reading. An...

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Mercury Retrograde

It's that time of year again. The time when Mercury looks like its spinning backwards through space and we hear horror stories of traffic, lack of communications and electronic breakdowns.  While backing up your laptop and phone to the cloud, and remembering to load a podcast for the battle of LA traffic is always a good idea. I've got a few other tips and tricks to survive the next couple weeks.  Use this retrograde to make empowering choices and to boost your creativity in all areas of your life. Retrogrades are a great resource from the universe to know when to push forward and when you should take a rest and step back. Just focus on the overall picture and...

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A Recipe For Happy

 Below is my list for feeling better and to get us back to feeling good so we can get back to doing what we were put on this great magical planet to do. 

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Ring in 2018

I'm a firm believer that how we spend New Years Eve is the tone on how the year will come in. I spent last year at alone at a burlesque show, dressed to the nines in a hot pink cape dress by Trina Turk and my favorite red Gucci heels. I sipped champagne, danced the night away and even kissed a stranger as the new year rang in. The year then preceded in my adventures, trips and so much excitement. I feel like this past year I reclaimed myself and realized who I truly want to be. 

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