Your Festival Packing List



Festival season are upon us and along with listening to some great music, there's a slew of things to worry about. But don't worry, Vivian Vette has you covered with a go to list of must haves for any outdoor event you might be going to.


jucy_seiteIf you're not one to tent camp then a Juicy Rv is probably for you. These fun little babies are decked out with all the comforts of home inside; eating room, stove and the kitchen sink. When you're ready for bed head upstairs to the Penthouse for a restful nights sleep. If you're girlfriends are crashing with you there's room for three others to sleep. Two in the penthouse and the downstairs table converts for room for two more!14362572


Though sometimes you just get the craving for the true outdoors and get the urge for pitch a tent.  We personally love the Embark line from Target and this one says it will sleep six. Which really means comfortably sleep you and a lover on a queen size air mattress and have room left over for your clothes, makeup, coconut water and shoes.


SP16_06_73e33e9f-ad61-4cd7-abfc-55e443b48dda_2048x2048Because no one wants to wake up and realize they've slept on a rock or weird stick, head to Target and grab an air mattress that can be inflated using an outlet or the cigarette lighter in your car. Though if you're worried about getting cold pick yourself up a sleeping pad not an air mattress. The pad will actually insulate you versus the mattress air turning cold and chilling you even more at night. Top with your favorite pillows, sheets and blankets from home or grab some sleeping bags for a warm and restful night's sleep. We're a little gaga over the Poler Stuff hibiscus print sleeping pads, pillows and nap-sack.


Relaxationmantis15_aloha_01 Festivals are just about hanging with your friends and enjoying yourself as they are about seeing the music. Make sure to remember to pack yourself some camp chairs so you can easily share a beer, cook some marshmallows and take adorable selfies. Although we're always a fan of tropical the Mantis chair is available is solid colors too.



If you don't feel like waiting in long lines for food plan ahead. Before the festival head to Santa Monica for a lovely day in the sun and a visit to REI. Pick yourself up a camping stove or back packing stove. A camp stove is going to let you cook while the back packing stove will allow you to easily heat up water for coffee, hot toddies and cooking instant meals. A Biotite stove runs on camp wood and merges the best of both stove options into one and also lets your charge your iPhone on it! Don't forget a mess kit, utensils, coffee press and a cooler!








While You're Outside

Don't forget to take care of yourself while you're having loads of fun and sharing it all over the 'Gram. Wear sunscreen, bring bug spray and some aloe gel, pack a wide brim hat and remember to hydrate! Check out our Pinterest page to see our whole list of goodies to pack!