Your Festival Makeup



Even though we plan on being outside for a few days enjoying the sun, air and music, there will be a ton of photos being snapped and posted. And if you're like me then you have a love affair with your Sephora Rouge card. I envy the women that can just moisturize and look and feel confident, but I'm just not that type of girl. I hike with BB Cream on, I do my eyebrows, it's just how I am. So here's my guide to the festival makeup case.


 Don't worry about liquid face wash, finding a sink and bringing a towel. Keep your face clean after a long day with these disposable Simple Micellar wipes, they gently remove all trace of dust, dirt and makeup from your pores without over drying because they aren't soap based like most face cleansers. Don't forget your moisturizer afterwards!



We've been excited to try this little goodie since it came out. Tarteguard claims to be a non-chemical sunscreen that helps to protect, moisturize, brighten, and re-invigorate skin for a youthful-looking appearance. Made with lots of beneficial ingredients, no parabens and protects us against both types of UV rays? Count us in!


Tinted BB Cream

For a BB Cream, this one sure has a lot of coverage to perfectly even out our skin tone and last all day so we look great. Not only does this baby even us out for the day but the ingredients inside help better our skin in the long run after continued use. Sounds like a good deal to me.


My new favorite for the summer is the Burts Bees shimmer stick, matte was all great for the winter months, but summer is here. Time for swimming, kissing, margaritas and open windows. Add a hint of color with a ton of moisture.


Not to be totally in love with the Tarte line but they do offer a waterproof  version of ONE of my favorite mascaras and everything about summer screams waterproof mascara. You don't want to be walking around thinking you look adorably on point when in fact your mascara has slide down and formed raccoon eyes.


We all know water is important for our body and soul but it's also great for your face. When you're out in the dessert you're going to water to moisturize! Throw an Evian mist in your bag to get you through the day and the spray will just be down right refreshing while you're out there in the sun!

Stay gorgeous party girls!