Wardrobe Essentials

Lately I've been thinking about must haves for your closet. Earlier I wrote a post saying oh you need basics for layering, oh and a chambray shirt and a flannel is always a cold weather option that you can wear over tanks or under your favorite leather jacket. But upon reading You Can Buy Happiness by Tammy Strobel every time I went into my closet and got dressed I asked myself, do you like wearing this? Does it fit? Is it still in good shape? If I said no to any of these I tossed it either into trash if it was beat or into a goodwill pile to be donated. Why was I hanging onto shirts that made me feel super manly in them? Or t-shirts with tons of pile on them?

Now I'm looking at it and realizing that I love a good button up sleeveless blouse I can tie at the waist, high rise shorts, cardigans and dresses, dresses, dresses. I noticed that my go to outfit for quickly getting dressed or running errands was a tank top, shorts and either vans or ballet flats.

That was the other thing! I had heels my dog had chewed as a puppy, just a tiny bit but still there were bite marks on the heels. And I've held onto them because they were Guess. I finally parted ways with them with some help from my husband.


So back to essentials, clean your closet, with the moon being in Virgo until September 19th, now is a good time to clean, organize and jump start new ideas. Look and take note at what you like and don't like. Does it turn out that you have a ton of green but you tossed all your purple? Remember that so you don't refill with a color you'll never wear. Realize what you like and keep that in mind when you shop. That way instead of spending money on clothes that might be trendy but you'll never wear you can formulate a closet full of pieces you love. Just because some list says you need a white t-shirt doesn't mean you should get them, what if you actually hate them?

    • Clean your closet
    • Realize what you do and don't TRULY like
    • Create YOUR essentials based on that
    • Look at your Pinterest page, are you constantly pinning a look you don't own? Maybe you should!
    • Keep a fashion bible, fill it with images of what you wore, notes on what you did or didn't like or just star you favorite outfits so you have a reference of go-to looks!
    • Keep a list handy in your phone of things you need to fill out your essential closet.