Wake Up Sexy



Silk, it's a beautiful thing. We all know the soft caress of running a silk shirt through our fingers. And now it's good for more than just dressing to the nines. It also gives you beautiful skin and hair. Unlike cotton, silk doesn't pull moisture away from our skin.

Wrapping your hair in a silk scarf at night might not be the sexiest look but it saves you from breakage that's caused by your strands snagging against a cotton pillow case all night. Cotton pillow cases also pull moisture from our skin which further our battle of dryness and irritated skin.

Are you thinking your hair isn't growing and your skin looks dull? It could be your pillow case. So save some money on products and grab up some silk goodies and give your beauty regiment a break.


Below are some DIY's, silk snoods and pillowcases I found for you to step up your beauty game!


  💖 WaterColor Pillow 💖 Cheetah Silk PillowCases 💖 Silk Hair Bonnet 💖

  💖 How to Tie a Headscarf 💖 Silk Sleep Cap 💖 Pink Silk Snood 💖

Sleep Tight!