Things to do in Your Delicates!


Somedays I wake up and realize I have nothing to do in the real world. Yes I have lists to do, Virgo Thinking after all but I don't have to leave my studio to complete my on going task lists. So I get to joyously spend the day in my favorite outfits; silky, lacy bits of my lingerie. It's my favorite things to lounge about in next to my satin matching pajamas. So I've complied a list of things you can enjoy in your lingerie, because after all it's not just for looking good for a partner. Celebrate some self love and look good for yourself!

  1. Que up those fashion movies you've been dying to watch
  2. Yoga, why dirty your lulu lemons in your own home?
  3. Dance party!
  4. Lounge about in your favorite set and Loubies
  5. Curl up with a cup of green tea and catch up on those blogs you keep meaning to read.
  6. Meditate; I love Headspace
  7. Take a nap, 15 minutes can make a huge difference.
  8. Collage a board of your aspirations and hang it somewhere you'll see every day
  9. Pop champagne
  10. Journal, I always feel more inspired laying scantily clad in bed
  11. Wash your dog, see number 2
  12. Instagram a tiny bit of the lace or the dainty strap

Rock on beauties!