The Waiting Game



Monday. Some people dread Monday. Sometimes so do I, but not this past one. I woke excited, I had a busy day ahead of me. Supposedly my last sample would be ready. This was after it almost being ready on the previous Monday and last Saturday. But I understood I had handed off the last design without a prototype to copy from, so he was going completely off my sketch. Plus I had gone to see my sister last week, so really if he needed a couple extra days while I was out of town, no big deal.

After two cups of coffee and deciding to forgo makeup on account of the August heat filling up the Los Angeles streets I got in my car and headed Downtown. We have a show in April and I needed the perfect backdrop to the booth. I had an idea in my mind of palm leaves, tea lights and vintage luggage. Louie train case anyone? A girl can dream. I strolled the flower mart's streets looking and looking. Nothing. Back to the source book.

After making a quick stop to get more rayon fabric for a matching separates outfit I headed across town to pick up materials. I had these custom colored in a rich burgundy and they had flown all the way from Italy to be turned into Vivian Vette handbags. I was excited. I had already seen the custom liner color and even gotten a piece of it. But this was the first time I would be seeing the custom shell color. It was awesome, buttery soft and full of saturated color.

Last stop, the contractor. Who still didn't have the handbag sample. Normally I'd be a little upset, hell part of me was. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Rachel, the last design. But really, I was still waiting on the zippers and the liner fabric to arrive so even if the sample was ready and I could go to production with the design, I couldn't. This is why when you plan out your production calendar you add in extra time to allow for you to stay on time by calculating for lateness.

So in the meantime I'll plan a trip to Palm Springs, work on the booth design and order swag bag goodies. There's always something else that can be done.


Till next time,

Xoxo Vivian Vette