The Dressmaker


When I saw this Kate Winslet movie on iTunes, I knew it was how I was spending my holiday. Kate Winslet stars in this dark romantic comedy about a couture designer who returns home to rediscover herself and her past, while creating gorgeous garments for the townsfolk. Liam Hemsworth plays her romantic love interest and we can't fault the casting on that. Wait till the scene where he needs a suit sewn. Swoon.


Gertrude: "A dress can't change anything!"

Tilly: "Watch and learn Gertrude, watch and learn!"



The film unfolds to showcase drama, laughter, love and murder, all my personal favorites for a good time and the fashions. Taking place in 1950's Australia, the clothing is to die for. As she says herself, she sure knows how to cut a bias garment. Without giving away the movie, snap it up yourself and take a movie night.