The City Girls Guide to Potions

CoconutWater pic 2


We all know how to make a killer margarita but some potions are best for curing ailments and we don't like like reaching for the medicine cabinet. So whether you've come back from a trip, a festival or just a day at the beach and you're feeling off, we've got you covered.

  • If you feel dehydrated, tired, achy or hungover reach for a giant box of coconut water. It contains less sugar than a traditional sports drink, more potassium than a banana to help your muscles and tastes way better than just plain water.
  • If you can't sleep brew yourself a cup of chamomile tea or pick up a lavender pillow to sleep in bed with. Brands like the Body Shop even offer chamomile bubble baths to help relax you before bed. Plus we're down for any excuse to slip into a warm tub.
  • For sore muscles mix cayenne pepper in with some coconut oil for a rub, just be careful of any open cuts or wounds! And wash your hands after to avoid getting it in your eyes.
  • Take turmeric if your joints are hurting from inflammation.
  • For an upset stomach or a hangover drink ginger tea or a ginger juice shot.
  • For sunburn or just dry skin grab yourself an aloe plant for some added hydration.
  • For all over achy muscles soak in a heavy epsom salt bath and add in a few drops of your favorite essential oils.


I hope this potions class was a little easier than one that Harry might have attended, but they're just as good.


Take care Foxy ladies!