The Best Things I Invested in in 2016

Besides finally scoring a great leather jacket that I knew would last me for years, determining my sense of style, for right now and purchasing tons of makeup, the things that I invested the most in in 2016 are these.

I started meditating, daily. I treated myself to a new student special at the The Den on La Brea and was hooked. I found a daily peace at 9am that would carry me through the day. I felt calmer, more centered and now if I don't get the chance to meditate for the day I feel scrambled.

"I am my problem and also my solution."

Once the new student pass ended and I found my schedule changing to not allow for a daily commute across town to sit quietly on a pillow I found Gabby Bernstein's Miracle Membership which is a monthly access to an inspiration podcast, affirmation and meditation to back it up.

I finally found a yoga studio I love with classes that would for me. I wanted so badly to be part of a different studio, it was gorgeous, it was popular but I just felt uncomfortable every time I went. Until I found Yogala in Echo Park. I'm in love with 6am wake-up class, the gentle yoga and the wild hearts class on Sunday. The studio is bright and cheery, the instructors welcoming and the classes always the perfect size. Plus there's an amazing cafe just down the street.

Better equipment. Towards the end of the year I decided it was time to invest in some equipment that would benefit me in the long run. I took the time to figure out exactly what I needed to create a better product, I better image and I found it all on Amazon. You can have all the eyeliner in the world but without a good camera, it's not going to work online.

My wardrobe. I have two. I have my daily look, my "I have to run out the door right now to pick up materials and I need to look good" look. I don't believe in leaving the house in sweat pants. What if I run into someone important? I would hate to meet say Dita Von Teese in sweats, to me, that would be a nightmare. So I went the route of Steve Jobs and found a "uniform" that looks good and I can throw on.

Then there's my I love fashion wardrobe, pieces that are little works of art. Sparkles, hot pink dresses, heels with kisses on them, vintage handbags. The pieces that are made to be photographed in and sip champagne in.

"We become what we think about." - Earl Nightingale

I know it might seem boring, but I'm in love with the idea of my money making money. My girlfriend and I were discussing how high school just taught up linear income. Work somewhere, get a paycheck, pay taxes. Wash, Rinse and Repeat. No, no, no. Let's look at investments, residual income, taking a vacation and knowing that you're still making money at the same moment you order a cocktail. I invested in some stocks, looked at property and formulated a plan.

A good planner. I'm still working out this one. But I realized 2016 flew by me because I didn't plan. I had goals for the year but nothing was done because I didn't sit down and say okay to accomplish x, y and z I need to a, b and c. Not this year. I picked up a planner, and made a list of goals with a timeline.

The list could go on, but I feel like these are the top things for me. Invest in yourself and good things will follow.



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