The Alice Meltdown

One of the beautiful things about Los Angeles is the LA Weekly that appears every Thursday just outside my favorite coffee shop. When I saw that the Meltdown comic store in Hollywood was showing 150 Years of Wonderland, an art show showcasing artists renditions of Alice, to celebrate the 150 year anniversary of Lewis Carroll's novel.

Having always been a Disney fan, I fell in love with Alice in Wonderland upon moving to Los Angeles. LA was so different then anywhere I've ever lived and I felt like I was in Wonderland, every day was a different adventure and I was constantly growing and exploring.

Friday arrived and I slipped on a favorite dress and some red lipstick and grabbed an Uber uptown. Nestled into the back of Meltdown comics was a tiny gallery full of people with crazy hair colors sipping on Tecate and admiring the art.

I snapped some images of my favorite pieces and had to really refrain from picking up the mobile for myself.


After I left the gallery I wandered into a tai restaurant named Rock'n Tai across the street and instantly feel in love with its decor. I loved the deep blue walls and the crazy decorations.

I barely ever get Tai food but today I was intrigued by the place, I figured it would either be great or horrible. What did I have to lose? I ordered a bottle of Pellegrino and enjoyed people watching as I waited for my Honey Duck and Fried Pineapple Rice to arrive. I had never had duck before but tonight I was about taking a risk, and really if I didn't like it then I would know.

It was amazing, the duck was crispy on the outside and savory on the inside, served on a plate of seasoned broccoli it was filling without being heavy. The rice was sweet and full of peanuts, pineapple, chicken and chopped shrimp. Both plates really complemented themselves and made me crave duck for days after.