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Tech Packs. It's the nitty gritty, the backbone of every single design you see in stores. Unfortunately sketches don't magically become tangible clothing, even if you do have someone else to do the work for you. It still takes days, emails and phone calls to create the tech pack to hand over to your contractors.


The tech pack breaks down all the information of your design so it can be correctly produced by someone else. It includes the fabric, what goes where; this way they know that shell of the bag gets created in the red while the liner goes in black. It also explains where labels go, where purse feet and closures go. What color and finish trims. This way if the contractor is producing multiple designs they would know for example the black zippers go on the black bag and that the white bags get silver.
For me, my contractor is patterning my design and producing my sample. So my tech pack will include detailed sketches throughly labeled with measurements. That way they know my top stitching is .75 inches apart and it's not up for them to guess, which they will.
Luckily for me I married a fellow apparel industry person so as I design he creates the tech packs. But because he isn't in my brain he has to constantly check and make sure things are as how I designed them. Because I KNOW how wide the stitches are, it's my design, he has to constantly verify the information with me. But after a bunch of iMessages and images sent back and fourth the tech pack is complete. Now we meet with the contractor and make sure they understand everything before we move forward with producing a sample.
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