Star Struck Gifts: A Gemini Lady

Gemini Gift Guide
Gemini's have a huge sense to communicate, Mercury after all. Grab your starry girl some fine stationary, a glamorous pen, I know I'm always dreaming of a Mont Blanc rollerball. A new gadget is always a good idea, have you seen the new Google Pixel phone? We have and we might be trading in our iPhones. Shock!
Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! A think black belt is a perfect wardrobe piece for our twin, this can easily change up a look. Since she's probably always traveling she might be in need of new rolling luggage or a sleek carryon. You can't go wrong with a updated classic, plus we're loving the palm leaf designs.
Even if she's not talking straight at you Gemini's love to write, a sleek lockable diary is right up her ally, new headphones and a quality paperweight are just the ticket.