Star Struck Gift Guide: A Cancer Babe

A Cancer Lady Gift Guide
Our sweet crab is a woman who sensitive at heart and really responds to thoughtful and handmade gifts. Think of writing her a poem, include a sweet photo of the two of you, bake her some cookies.
If the crafty route isn't the one for you, go for the sentimental gift. White roses or gardenias in a great vase, a charmeuse grey blue nightgown, a luxurious new comforter or linen sheets for her home. Both pearls and silver are ruled by this sign, cultured pearls, silver goods or maybe a locket with your photo would be cute idea.
Treat her to a photo sitting set, and don't forget a spa gift card to get her photo ready before hand.
Since her cooking is to die for pick her up a new kitchen gadget you know she's been eyeing, copper pots, a fondue pot, a new knife set, anything to reflect the love you have for her food.