Some of This, Some of That


When your a large company many times you have the ability to do a lot of things in house, pattern making, samples, production and you have the contacts to just order 1000 zippers with your logo branded into the tag.

 But when you're smaller a lot of it is sourced through tiny stores downtown because you only need a small number or through Jobbers who get you close out deals on zippers, thread and fabric.
For my upcoming sample I have to provide everything, materials, zippers, magnets and labels. They don't just mysteriously take my design and had me back a handbag. All that sourcing takes time. I headed downtown, thankful for the metro and not having to try and navigate the streets and parking in a truck.
There's Michael Levine's downtown for easy shopping, but easy also means retail and stocking prices and a glorified selection of fabric and trims you'd find in a Joann Fabrics. So instead one must weave up and down the streets, touching fabrics, haggling over prices and then carrying it all back.
Luckily today was just swatching fabrics for clothing and buying a zipper. I found a store that handles just zippers, trims and closures. I wound through the aisles, zipping zippers, unzipping them, testing the pulls, studying the color of the metals under the lights. Finally I found a black and silver zipper that was glossy but not plastic, one that didn't make that sticky zipper noise that lets you know it's cheap and might break with the first sign of struggle.
Unable to truly brand a zipper, those little bits that say things cost a lot, plus you have to order thousands of them. I dug through tabs, searching for one that looked like something you'd find on a Vivian Vette handbag. Then there it was. A perfect diamond shaped pull that formed a V like shape at the end. Subtle, yet classy.
Before leaving a rose gold branded zipper caught my eye. Upon seeing the branding I decided to scoop it up SOP for an art project.
With more to come,