You Give A Girl the Right Shoes



Every girl knows that shoes make the outfit and are capable our changing our lives, Hello Cinderella? I find that shoes add that last bit of kick ass confidence one might need.

So I’ve broken it down, here’s the list of shoes that every girl needs in her closet to pull her amazing outfits together!

With any pair of heels, remember to keep in mind how much you walk and if you could truly make it through the day in them. No one likes a limping woman by the 5pm. Also feel the “roll” of the shoe when you walk in store, is it easy to get your stride on or are you already “hobbling” in them?

Number One.

Classic Black Pump

Grab a pair of black pumps in a simple shaped toe; pointed, round or peep toe and try to keep the trendiness to a minimum. Unless you want to buy multiple pairs, having a slightly understated black heel can finish any outfit without you thinking to yourself “Well this would have gone if I didn’t have giant bows on the toes…”

Number Two.

A Red Pump.

Red is a favorite color of mine, to the point that sometimes I have to step back and put a different color on. The color red is an instant confidence booster, it conducts attention and adds that inside power to your mindset. The red pump is a chic way to add color to a “boring” outfit or pull together a look. I have an Aunt that to this day loves to reminisce about the “life” her and a pair of red pumps had and the trouble they got into.

Number Three.

The Nude Pump.

The nude pump is a great staple because it can finish off an outfit without looking too heavy, like a black shoe might, but it also helps add a finishing touch while being invisible in an outfit, in a good way. This shoe because of its “invisibility” elongates the leg and makes you appear taller and that your legs go on forever.

Number Four.

A Ballet Flat.

Ballet flats are a perfect way to add easily chicness to an outfit without the “pain” of heels. These are great if you have a lot of walking today, live in the city or maybe on vacation. Think instant What would Audrey Do?

Get a pair in black to staple every outfit you have together and then treat yourself to a few fun detailed or colored ones to add a pop to any wardrobe.

Make sure to pick up yourself some of those invisible socks for ballet flats, but make sure they sit below the line of your flat, there’s nothing worse than seeing a great outfit with great shoes and then those little socks peeking out like a second shoes, they’re like bra straps, avoid showing them. Aldo also makes slip in liners that absorb the funk of not wearing a sock in your shoe. Plus both these options save your shoes and your feet from sweating and smelling, which is gross.

Number Five.

The Oxford/Saddle Shoe.

Every pinup infused wardrobe needs this option, it just reeks of retro in an amazing way. And even if you’re not into that style it’s a great option to own because it’s that cross between a ballet flat and an actual shoe.

Number Six.

A Canvas Sneaker

These are perfect for summer picnic dates, park outings and errand runs. Finishing an outfit off with a canvas sneaker adds that girl next door vibe, the shoe equivalent of the white V-neck T-shirt I mentioned in yesterday’s post of Wardrobe Essentials to own.

My Favorites for canvas sneakers are Keds, Lo Pro Vans and Converse.

Number Seven.

A Boot.

A knee high boots adds instant polish and sophistication to an outfit and are great at keeping the fall and winter chill away. This is a great option to own in brown or black, flats or a heel, depending on the vibe of the outfit you’re going for.

Always treat your leather boots with waterproofing to keep them in good shape.

Number Eight.

A Wedge Heel.

I love wedges, they are a great way to add height without the fuss of a pump and I find them to be easier to walk in and more comfortable. Having multiple wedge options is a good idea, because of all the options they come in. I love a roped espadrille sandal, a corked platform or a simple wedge sandal for summer glamness.

Number Nine.

A Party Shoe.

Have at least one party shoe in your closet, that one piece that’s going to add instant fun to an outfit.

Number Ten.

A Sandal.

Every girl should own one pair of polished sandals to complete an outfit instead of the cute Old Navy flip flops we all rocked in high school. Now those are purely for the beach.

When shopping for shoes to add to your closet, keep in mind which pieces you’re adding as a staple that you’re going to take care of and wear for years to come and which pieces are trendy and just for a season. Spend your money on the ones that count and the ones you want to last.