Step One

Sewing machine and item of clothing


And we're back. After weeks of Danny working on the tech pack just for me to go and change something we're back in our contractor's office to begin the production sample. Frank takes the tech pack from us and lays it out on his table. He takes in the drawings, the measurements and the details. Then he shuffles the papers about, I'm thinking so it works better for his thought process. Then he asks the questions, what is this? What's going on here? Everything he can think of so he has a better understanding of the design and the best way to go about producing it. He says this is the most detailed tech-pack he's seen.




Frank determines the best way to move forward to is make the first sample without all my top stitching design, that way we can focus solely on the design and nail the pattern down before worrying about stitching, this will also get us our sample back sooner. But because of my top stitching design, we also determine it would be better to outsource and have a company that uses a computerized machine complete this part of the design. This will provide a better product and a cleaner finish. To have a person lay the design down in chalk and then hand-sew will leave lots of room for error and waste. So our meeting with Frank gets put on hold until we meet with the second contractor about the leather and design.


Tick Tock