Omg! I'm So Retro


Artwork by Jesse Noemind from Aquarius Nation

With Mercury beginning its "spin" backwards tomorrow be prepared for this God to wreck havoc on travel, communication, automobiles, contracts and such.

Three times this year the planet goes into retrograde and appears to be spinning backwards. This one taking place during September 17th through October 9th.

Now is the time to be flexible, don't take on any new projects or make big choices/purchases. It might seem like a great idea, but it probably isn't. Even if you manage to nail down a plan, it most likely will end up changing. If you must, be prepared for waiting and try to avoid signing contacts until the planet has straightened out.

You might find yourself in weird arguments, unable to form a complete thought, your electronics might crash and you probably will be running late. But now you know! Back up your laptops and iPhones, meditate and bring along your favorite magazine while you wait for metro.

The planet can also be a little tougher on Geminis and Virgos because it's their ruling planet so keep that in mind when interacting with any. Mercury is a trickster so keep in mind that even though your phone might die, maybe it's time to upgrade to that iPhone. Just remember how you approach this retrograde is what you will believe, which is what you will manifest.


Image from Wiki

Don't let this completely frazzle you though! Mercury also rules all things beginning with re-; redo, reassess, repair, redesign, reorganize and revisit. So there's an awesome good side to this madness! Now is a perfect time to reflect and focus on the quality of work and make it be the best it can be.

It's an ideal opportunity to maybe finish painting your kitchen, edit those blog posts you were playing with and reorganize your closets!

Go through those cabinets and toss any chipped dish-ware that you don't truly need, made a food donation bag of canned goods you know you'll never eat and explore your clothing archives.

Dig out some old goodies and enjoy the memories attached. Reflect on things and draw inspiration and knowledge from them. Goodwill or Buffalo Exchange pieces that you realize you've outgrown. Create a well curated closet while this planet is wrecking havoc on everything else.

Redecorate your home, maybe even add a meditation spot to relax in! Check out the iPhone app Headspace for create meditation guides! Revel in the "Re" turning this time, roll with the punches, don't get hung up on perfection, be kind to yourself and the people around you and remember no signing any contracts!


Image from Mystic Mamma

To survive:

- Back up your electronics!

- Be kind

- Don't purchase anything super big and expensive! But if you MUST, triple check the paperwork and make sure to get a warranty. Cover your ass!

- Take everything with a grain of salt! Including your tequila!

- Reconnect with friends

- Pack a book

- Double check all your travel plans, emails and important communications, make sure they were recieved.

- Finish any projects and loose ends

- Don't make any huge decisions

- Remember people aren't being mean, the communication is just down

- Meditate

- Keep a journal so you can reflect and learn




Vivian Vette!