Old Hollywood Beauty




I grew up watching movies like Gone with the Wind and other good classics. I've always been inspired by the more classic times whether it be a flapper dress, a 1940's Femme Fatale or every character from Grease. With highlighting, contouring and false everything being all the rage right now, it's always fun to look back at the classic beauty secrets from the greats.

🔮 Gloria Swanson swore by raw vegetables, on her face and in her diet. She was once quoted telling Weekly World News "I apply them on my face and make sure I eat them regularly. As far as I'm concerned, there is no beauty product better than raw vegetables."

🔮 Sophia Loren followed a Mediterranean diet and even added Olive Oil to her baths to soak in.

🔮 Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe swore by applying petroleum jelly to combat dark circles and to really hydrate their skin. Marilyn would also use it as a primer and highlighter when applying her makeup.

🔮 Elizabeth Taylor had many beauty secrets but the number one she swore by was good old fashion beauty sleep.

🔮 Audrey Hepburn would always protect her skin, SPF glamorous hats and gorgeous parasols helped get the job done.

Heres to looking fabulous


Vivian Vette