You Finally Got Me



I normally have nothing bad to say about Mondays, I take them as they are, ready to tackle the on coming week. But today, this Monday hit, well like a Monday. It was a hurry up and wait kind of day. After over sleeping, the neighbors were celebrating not having to work today a little late into the night so I lay awake till an easy two-thirty in the morning before finally drifting off. But I managed to salvage the morning, enjoying the routine of a green smoothie, meditation and yoga before scheduling an appointment with yet another material supplier. I was on the quest for the perfect match of material so it was supplier after supplier but this time I think I had found it.

She was able to meet at one so I set out at eleven thirty hoping to squeeze in an errand of picking up up some chiffon for a cocktail dress I was designing in my spare time. Somehow I breezed through the fabric store and had an hour to spend driving the easy ten minutes to her office. Damn, now what? Okay lunch and then onto the meeting.

Snuggled behind her house in the most perfect little building lay her home office. How awesome to be able to easily work from home. We spread out materials and samples and discussed my needs and what she'd be able to fill. She swapped ideas on marketing tactics and ways to grow organically. Then she pulled out swatch cards in the most beautiful array of colors. I was in love. Numbers were thrown around and I left with notes to figure out the best decision so I could move forward. Even when creating samples you need at least the materials to accommodate that and most suppliers will not sell just enough to get you by, you have to place an order to fill they're minimum. So here comes the math part to handle the best decision. This was the highlight of my day.

Then it was off to kill time at the plaza while the screen on the phone was being replaced, damn trying to check Instagram and walk the dog at the same time. An hour, an ice cream cone and a trip to Sephora later and I was heading home. Finally able to "relax" I sat down to an easy dinner of chicken caesar salad and plotted what to do next, lists to make and things to handle.

Till next time Monday, you finally got me.