Mixed Tape: Pineapples, Drinks and Wanderlust

This week passed with a blur but I took the time to read up and find some great recipes, adventures and how to prep for Halloween! So enjoy your morning cup of coffee and dig in! 🍍 Go as a pineapple, a cupcake or a disco ball!

🍍Be a harlequin doll!

🍍 Brew yourself the perfect bath this weekend

🍍 There's no better way to say Halloween then with Marbled Candy Apples

🍍 How to style a peach maxi skirt and look fabulous!

Remember that criticism doesn’t always come from others but also from within yourself so if you often find yourself battling with your inner critic then apply these rules as well. -Dealing with Criticism advice from Career Girl Daily

🍍Eat smarter with super foods

🍍The perfect accessory and its history

🍍 Get away for the weekend

🍍Drink your greens

🍍WildBride retreats-enough said, sign me up!

If you want to be liked?Β Here’s the answer: stop trying. -Are you aΒ people pleaser?

🍍10 Halloween makeup looks not to miss!

🍍Drink and be merry and beautiful!

🍍Around the house

🍍 Wanderlust: Big Sur

🍍Cool weather and cardigans

Remind yourself that you are human, you are not perfect and really no one expects you to be. Perfect is boring and who would ever want to be boring?-Be a Happier You!


Have a wonderful week beautifuls!