Mercury Retrograde


Clutches by Valentino

It's that time of year again. Mercury retrograde. Among reading my horoscope everyday and consulting the cards from time to time the one other thing I take seriously is Mercury Retrograde. A couple times of year the planet mercury goes into retrograde and appears to be spinning backwards across the skies. This doesn't really happen but it sure feels like it does.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is the controlling planet for all things communication; meaning listening, talking, researching, negotiating, spelling, and buying. Included in this mess of mayhem is code; travel, transportation, shipping and all things to do with documentation; agreements, deeds, term papers and other important contracts. So this means no signing contracts, no spending large sums of money, back up all your electronics, don't make any contractual agreements, even verbal ones. If you do say buy a house during retrograde you might later find issues.

But again its all how you look at it. If your old laptop from school finally bites the dust, don't curse, just thank the universe for signally that it's time to accept you need a new one. Last retrograde a friend of mine's car finally died and he realized that instead of wasting time and money fixing it, that finally buying the jeep he had been wanting was the right decision.

So keep a clear mind, practice gratitude and you'll survive August 30th to September 22nd.


Vivian Vette