Ready, Set, Look Great

One of the greatest weapons someone can have is pulling together a look in minutes and walking out the door. Since dating my husband I've become being uber jealous of his ability to pull on selvage jeans, a shirt, apply pomade and cologne and walk out the door looking hot as hell. All under ten minutes and while I'm still in the bathroom applying makeup and wondering what to wear.

This has caused me to fine turn my aresonal of products and clothes. I now have an outfit I know I can reach for for a fun day out, a dress for when I need to look chic in under ten minutes and my go to outfit for business meetings.
Having a collection of shirts is all fine and expressive but carve out some time to create a few styled looks you know work for certain occasions and look good. Have a friend photograph you from all angles so you get a true measure of how you look, how the garments hang and their proportions on your body.
Now shoulders back and conquer!