Lets Start with a Legend

FRANCE - CIRCA 1936: Coco Chanel, French couturier. Paris, 1936. LIP-6958-108. (Photo by Lipnitzki/Roger Viollet/Getty Images) We all know the top stitching, the interlocking C's and that man with impeccable taste. Before Karl ran Chanel there was Coco and the woman behind the brand is an inspiration. I've always been in awe of the brand itself, the handbags, the chain straps, the tweed, I loved it all. I remember during a class at FIT we got to inspect a vintage Chanel jacket and it was amazing up close. The detail, the delicate weight chain that ran along the bottom to provide the perfect fit to the jacket. It was inspiring, and always encouraged me to provide quality over quantity in my designs. During a recent trip to Barnes in Noble for only one thing; we all know how that goes, I saw this book that I had to scoop up.





Megan Hess illustrated a whole book telling a hundred important moments of Coco and Chanel. She makes note of the Coco's incredible life, to the birth of Chanel and the LBD, where the interlocking C's came from, how every thought within the brand linked together and fed her inspiration. The book includes quotes from Coco herself, Karl and other historical fashion figures, this book illustrates the moments that shaped Coco and the most iconic brand, which in turned shows how fashion shaped their lives.

Upon picking this up I headed to the park for a sunny day off reading and then devoured the whole thing in one sitting. The images are beautiful, the text reads easily and the inspiration that came from it is amazing. Mine rests gently on my book shelf with post it's sticking out of moments that inspired me after reading it.





Image Source: http://static.makers.com/field/image/56226856.jpg