Not All Are Equal



Not all leather is the same and for the price you should be getting something good. Don't let yourself be fooled just because the tag says leather. Here's a quick guide to help you navigate some of the different types of leather on the market.


Genuine Leather- It's real, but it's the lowest type of leather you're going to be able to find on the market. It's not going to last as long or look as nice as a higher grade leather. Think of those studded belts from Hot Topic we had when Complicated was HUGE. Genuine leather is formed by bonding layers and layers of low quality leather together and then it's painted to look nicer.


Top Grain Leather- This is what typically what fine and luxury goods are usually made from. Top grain leather is formed by splitting full leather and sanding away any imperfections that made be found in the hide. Top grain may also be dyed or stamped to take on the look of a different type of leather.


Full Grain Leather- Full grain is  the full hide, it's going to be the thickest type you're going to find on the market. This leather is also going to wear and take on a patina look after some time. Full grain leather is going to show any imperfections, scars or scuffs the animal may have gotten. Some companies will use these marks to add charm to the product or some companies may cut around any marks causing them to use more leather, and the price to go up.


Saffiano Leather- The original process was invented by Mario Prada himself in Italy. The first saffiano handbag was made in 1913 when the process started. Saffiano leather is a process of cross-hatching the leather and applying a wax finish. This causes the product to last longer, be water resistant and not get scuffed and scratched easily. But the downside is any convex shapes to the product will wear faster and once the wax wears off the product will loose its signature look. The saffiano process is usually used on calf or faux leather, so it could be a beautiful top grain under all that texturizing or it could be hiding a cheap bonded leather.