What Happens When There's Extras?


When you're a company on the larger side you buy a little extra in materials, this allows for mistakes to happen or broken and lost materials. If you have to make 10,000 coats you'd order say 100 extra zippers so you're in the clear of meeting your production and ship times.  But what happens if you only use 20 of those extra zippers? What do you do with the extra 80? They're costing you money just sitting in the factory not going on coats.

You sell them to a jobber to recoup some of your costs. This is great for smaller companies to score a deal on materials. This is how I came to purchase a beautiful rose gold Nasty Gal zipper the other day downtown.
I was wandering the aisle, my hand out touching zippers, feeling the slide, debating on which one would be a perfect fit for my bag when I saw them. Gorgeous rose gold zippers, I've always been a fan and I drooled over the rose gold Alexander Wang bag that came out last year. I clutched at them, wishing I could put them in my bags, but rose gold is so touchy, I feel people either love or they hate it. And I didn't want to loose people because of a zipper color. Plus the metal is hard to match in other hardware and to an outfit. But I couldn't put them down, what could I do with them?
Then I flipped over the zipper pull. There it was like a beautiful secret. "Nasty Gal" I felt I needed it now just strictly on principle. I had stumbled across the Nasty Gal site years ago looking for something considered "alternative" to the fashions of my home state. I was almost scared to click on the link, Nasty Gal? What's that? Is it dirty? The site opened and wicked cool girls showed up, amazing platform shoes, and styled like nothing I had even seen. Then the book came out and we're all in awe of the #GirlBoss.  I scooped up the zipper already designing a complicated black dress in my head...