How to Live in the Jungle



Living in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles is great, were right down the road from amazing views; helllllo Hollywood sign! Santa Monica peir, the Venice canals, a sprinkles ATM, so many cool "dive" bars and a twenty four hour donut place. But amongst all of that is the stress of traffic if your out at the wrong time, smog from the factories and cars and people's cigarette smoke which can take its toll on our skin, hair and body.

Combat some of that with the Orgins charcoal mask which is amazing at gently pulling impurities from our skin, lots of strawberry, lemon and basil water and plants.
My work space is crammed full of sketches, materials and a mini forest cultivated from the local greenies around the city. Like every girl with a love of all things modern the first thing I did was track down a fiddle fig tree to bring home. Then I have window sills full of succulents and cacti, potted jade above my microwave. I have three hanging ivys and a rat tailed cactus.
Once a week I water them with some plant food water and then mist them at random. Living in a tiny oasis adds more oxygen into the air making it better to breathe and easier to think. They also add an element of comfort and grounding. Most plants also release 97% of the water they take in which is benefiting for people with dry skin, they also act as an air salad, removing up to 85% of the toxin our enrivorment puts into the air within 24 hours! Which is great for you who love to leave our windows open at all times. These green beauties also act as a natural anti depressant and boost attentiveness.
To achieve optimum results place 15 to 18 plants within your average 1,800 square foot home and enjoy the side effects!